EtonicDRP Endurance

Leggermente arcuate, sono indicate per coloro che hanno l'arco plantare basso, tendono a pronare e necessitano di supporto al piede.

  • 3DRP™ – Dynamic Reaction Plate - Stability Platform
  • RCS™ – Resilient Cushion System
  • e-Glide Midsole – Lightweight, built for speed
  • Impact resistant antimicrobial molded footbed
  • Arch Cage - Medial midfoot saddle which provides additional control and stability
  • Triple Z Upper Design - Lightweight design structure providing support by connecting the "Tri-Stay" to the midsole
  • Tri-Stay - 3 piece articulated eyestay designed to conform to your feet and provide better support, reduce pressure
  • Fit Foam - Foam that conforms to the top of your instep and ankle for maximum comfort
  • Breathable air mesh vamps combined with synthetic support overlays


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